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1. Don't look back or complain. Stop blaming others for your situation. Blaming and complaining disable us from making progress.
2. Each evening sit down with a pen and paper and make a to-do list for the next day. Make your plan and work your plan. Be PROACTIVE.
3. Realize that your emotions may be up and down. You will have emotions but don't let your emotions run your life. Live by what you KNOW and not what you FEEL. Do the right things no matter what you feel like.
4. Knock on doors and talk with people. Find out the process to get help and work the process.
5. Call 211 which is United Way. They are located all over the country. They are collecting point for information on all of the resources in your area. This includes charities, government agencies, shelters, food pantries, medical resources and so on. Before you call make a list of all of the areas where you need help. When you call allow a lot of time to talk with them. Make notes on where the resources are located and their hours.
6. On housing, you may find local shelters. Ask about long-term government assisted housing resources. The wait time on these can be very long, but you need to fill out the paperwork and work the process. Time passes fast.
7. Calling 211 may also give you information on a free cell phone. Also ask about charities that serve meals each day and about applying for food stamps.
8. For medical help ask the 211 people. Also call your County Health Department.
9. If you are looking for immediate income and are able to work, consider temporary agencies. For many of these you'll have to get there early in the morning in order to be chosen for day labor. For office work temporary agencies you will need a resume.
10. You can call 211 on a regular basis and get more information. Each time you'll probably get a different person helping you. Each person will have different information to provide. Spend time talking with them.
11. Pray about your day as you begin, and pray for favor from God and God's direction as you talk with people.
12. Be efficient and effective. Don't waste time. ESPECIALLY don't waste time watching TV and movies. Time is your most valuable resource. Use it wisely.
13. Change your eating habits. Learn about good nutrition. As you trim down, eat and sleep right, you'll be moving forward. Better Every Day !!! PRAISE GOD !!!
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